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Harker Intestinal Cleanse 250ml



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An important tonic in the Malcolm Harker range, Intestinal Cleanse is a gentle cleanse for the digestive tract to support healthy digestion, increased energy levels and discourage parasites, helping essential minerals and nutrients from foods to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Harker Herbals recommends taking Intestinal Cleanse four times a year for 7-14 days. Intestinal Cleanse may also support microbial balance in the digestive tract.

  • Gently cleanses the digestive tract
  • Discourages parasites in the intestinal tract
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • May support microbial balance in the intestinal tract
  • Improves feelings of wellbeing and restores energy
  • Liquid formula for fast absorption
  • Can be taken long term
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Vegan-friendly


Oils & Ethers

  • Eugenol(Eugenia aromaticum -The ether of Clove oil)
  • Jojoba(Simmondsia chinensis -Oil from the seed)
  • Lemon(Citrus limonum -Oil from the lemon rind)
  • Orange(Citrus aurantium -Oil from the orange rind)
  • Thymol(Oil from Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) -A crystalline compound extracted from thyme oil.)


  • Cayenne pepper or Chilli(Capsicum minimum -Dried pods)
  • Ginger(Zingiber officinalis -The rhizome)
  • Licorice(Glycyrrhiza glabra -Syrup made from the powdered root)
  • Walnut(Juglans nigra -The leaf and nut)
  • Wormwood(Artemisia absinthium -Flower and leaf)


  • Carrageen (Irish Moss)(Chondrus crispus)


  • Celtic sea salt(Mer Sal -Unprocessed, sundried sea salt)
  • Citric acid(From the latin word 'citrus')
  • Glycerine (veg)(A sweet tri-atomic alcohol)
  • Iodine(Iodas ('violet-coloured') - Greek -Natural seaweed ash-derived organic iodine)
  • U.V. Light-Treated Rain Water


Adults: Take 5-10ml, three to four times daily.

Child: Take half the recommended dosage.

Baby: Take quarter the recommended dosage.

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